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Our Services

Relaxing Massage
Swedish Relaxation

Experience pure relaxation, utilizing long strokes to improve circulation and relieve muscle tension, leaving you in a stress free state. Great for relieving sore muscles and relaxing the mind.

60 Min - $85

90 Min - $125

Deep Tissue

This is a very invigorating deep massage which reduces adhesions, scar tissue, and releases chronic patterns of tension through stretching and deep pressure on problem areas of the body. This massage helps restore maximum strength, movement, and flexibility.

60 Min - $95

90 Min - $140


A relaxing massage designed to accommodate the expectant mother and offer improved circulation and overall well-being.  To achieve maximum comfort, we use special pregnancy cushions.

60 Min - $95

Craniosacral Therapy

Great for the treatment of migraine headaches. It differs from a traditional Swedish Relaxation massage in that it involves light-pressure placement holds for periods of time to help naturally align the central nervous system, rather than deep massage strokes and movement.

60 Min - $85

Head Massage
Ashiatsu Massage

This 2,000 year old technique uses the therapists feet to walk and massage your tired muscles. Ashiatsu is a deep tissue massage promoting alignment and increased blood and oxygen flow throughout the circulatory system.

60 Min - $95

90 Min - $140

Swedish Massage with Negative Pressure Cupping

A modern twist on an ancient therapy,  this safe, comfortable and remarkably effective form of massage is useful for a variety of health disorders including cellulitis and detox. Rather than the traditional massage method of compression, cupping uses negative pressure or suction to reach the same or better results of a Swedish Massage. 

60 Min - $100

Hot Stone Massage

Melt away stress and stiffness with dynamic basalt stones. Decrease muscle spasms and tension while increasing joint flexibility. 


60 Min - $115

90 Min - $160

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