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Medical & Injury Massage

YOU MUST CALL THE OFFICE AT (425) 334 - 9137 

A Healing Hand

Therapeutic massage is used for soft tissue injuries to reduce pain, increase flexibility and speed healing. Treatments include range of motion assessments and a goal-setting plan for maximum improvement. Most major insurance plans accepted, as well as PIP (auto-accident) and L&I (work injury) claims. 

  • A referral or prescription is required per office policy.

  • $40 per unit. A unit is equal to 15 minutes of massage. Individual therapist price may vary.

  • We have different therapists in-network with different insurances, so your insurance will determine which massage therapists you may see.

  • We do not accept United Healthcare or Cigna Insurance.

  • We do not accept 3rd-party PIP Claims

  • You must know your co-insurance/copay amount prior to your first appointment. Call your insurance if you do not know.

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